Hyrule Warriors 3DS – Hyrule All-Stars

So absolutely out of nowhere, Tecmo Koei accidentally spoiled one of Nintendo’s E3 titles. Hyrule Warriors 3DS: Hyrule All-Stars has been confirmed for Japan and seeing as the game did really well in the west a port is a natural guarantee. Those following me will know that I am currently in the middle of a series of Hyrule Warriors 2 thoughts, ideas and prediction pieces and I actually covered all of the Wind Waker stuff that I expected to be present. Well that’s going to become more relevant soon and is gonna require some checking. The original trailer has been taken down from Youtube now, however I have managed to still look over it and point out all the small details that I could find as well as make a couple of predictions.

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My E3 2015 Predictions

It is that time of year again, the gamers Christmas, where we get all the big reveals and new slew of information for pre-existing games. As expected of this time of year, everyone and their grandmother has some kind of expectation and prediction for what we may see at this year’s event and so I thought I would give my predictions as well. My focus is going to be more on Nintendo in this prediction; the Wii U is the only current-gen home console I own after all. With that said I will still talk about the other companies at the end, just not in as much detail.

The first thing I want to address here is something Nintendo themselves said about E3. Their claim that Zelda Wii U would not appear at E3 was because they wanted to focus only on games that will launch in 2015. This has big implications not just for new games but existing ones and sheds some light on how the end of this year might go. Games like Fire Emblem If and SMTxFE are both scheduled for 2016 in the west (and remember E3 is a western event) however I would be very surprised if they did not make an appearance in some form this E3. So with that I think we should interpret Nintendo’s statement not quite as literally. I think the Digital Event and the games playable on the show floor will only cover games for this year but other events such as closed-door media events will have 2016 games. I will cover these in more detail further down. With that I will jump straight into the Digital Event.

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Hyrule Warriors 2 – Part 4: The Wind Waker part 3

Sorry for the delay with this one. I have been distracted by the launch of Splatoon. Anyway this is the final part of the Wind Waker content that i will be talking about and this time it is all about the enemies and bosses of the game, the mechanics they could use, how they would fight, what they would drop, etc. So enjoy.

Enemy types

Much like the stages, Hyrule Warriors also took a certain number of enemy types from the games it used as inspiration. While the number was more flexible it generally fell into 3 generals (although twilight princess had 5 for some reason because of two variations of Aeroflos), and then a common enemy that saw variations for its summoner, range, captain and mob class. 2 of the generals were often copies of each other, a weaker version and a stronger version. From Ocarina you had the Lizalfos and then Dinoflos; from twilight princess we got the Gibdo and then Redead Knight and from Skyward Sword we got two variations of Moblin, one with a helmet and one without. Of the remaining three generals we even saw similarities with the twilight Darknut and the skyward sword Stalfos Knight. So the only unique general was the Ocarina Poe but I believe that will change in this game.


             The first of these generals will be the Moblin. These will be different from the Skyward Sword variation as it does not have a giant shield in one hand. Instead it uses an even larger spear to attack. It will have some similar moves like using the spear as a javelin but it will be mostly its own type of mob. The Moblin will have a Link between Worlds variation as well. The standard Moblin’s bronze material drop will be the spear cloth and its silver material drop will be the Skull Necklace.

             Wizzrobe will be the next enemy and will come with two variations. The first is the regular Wizzrobe as pictured above and the second one is the stronger, master Wizzrobe. This enemy will be very similar to the Poe enemy from the first Hyrule Warriors, being able to disappear and reappear at will. The regular Wizzrobe will be the same strength as the Poe but the other variation will be stronger. The bronze material drop for the Wizzrobe would be the Wizzrobe hood and the silver material drop will be the Wizzrobe wand. The Master Wizzrobe will have the Ancient Necklance as its silver drop and its silver drop will be the Wizzrobe mask.

Captain and Mobs

             The Captain and mob was much easier to figure out than the generals. The Captain will be the Bokoblin and it will attack like a regular soldier. Most captains are the same as each other anyway; they only have a little variation. As for the mob enemy it would have to be the miniblins. The miniblins already appear in wind waker in groups and while they are not very stronf they swarm on their enemies. The Bokoblin’s material drop will be the Bokoblin shield while the miniblin does not have a drop.


In Hyrule Warriors most of the bosses are original designs, based on bosses from the original Zelda. Each of the 3 games that are borrowed from in Hyrule Warriors 1 also gets 1 boss from that game. Ocarina got its variation of King Dodongo as a skin; Twilight Princess got Argorok and Skyward sword go the Imprisoned. I think we will see the same thing happening here and out of all of the Wind Waker bosses, there is two that I think have potential to be included. Only one will be however and for me, the better of the two is…


             Gohdan is the third boss in the Wind Waker and is there to test Link to see if he is worthy of entering the forgotten land of Hyrule. He is a floating head with two floating hands. Each of these hands has eyes in their palms and Gohdan uses these hands to attack. Link can incapacitate the hands at which point Gohdan becomes vulnerable although he still has an attack that allows him to spit fireballs out of his mouth. Link must defeat Gohdan by shooting his two red eyes, once the hands have been knocked down, and then throwing a bomb into his mouth. This makes Gohdan more unique than some other early bosses as it requires the use of two items that link has where one is not the sword and it is this uniqueness that makes me think Gohdan could be a good boss.

All of the bosses in Hyrule Warriors have 2 things in common: they both require the player to play the waiting game with them, dodging their attacks until they reveal their one weakspot, and, all the enemies are weak to one particular item in the players arsenal (there are two exceptions to this however, the first being the imprisoned who is not weak to any item and the second being Ganon whose first form requires the use of all items). This is where Gohdan becomes unique. His boss fight would require the use of two weapons, the bow and the bombs, with two separate weakspot points. The boss fight would require the player to shoot down both of Gohdan’s hands. Unlike most bosses where you have to wait for a certain attack to reveal the weakpoint, the hands can be taken down by timing the arrow shot. When the eyeballs open then they can be taken down but they open and close periodically regardless of an attack. Once both hands are taken down, Gohdan falls to the ground and then his head hops about like and Armos statue. This is where the usual tactic of waiting for him to attack (either shooting fireballs or breathing fire out of his mouth) comes into play. He opens his mouth after these attacks and throwing bombs into it cause him to be stunned and the weakpoint gauge appears.

If you wait too long to attack Gohdan when he is down then the hands will get back up again. You can tell this because Gohdan will begin to float again. Also if his hands are down then he will not move to far away from them. His attacks will follow the Wind Waker with hand sweeps and pushes as well as moves borrowing from a similar boss, Bongo Bongo. When he is just a head he can only breathe fire and shoot fireballs. In the boss mode, you will be able to play as him and if you take too much damage you will fall into the head mode and must wait until you can get back up.

So here are the problems with this boss and why it is not a definite shoo-in for Hyrule Warriors 2. The first is that Gohdan is not evil and does not work for the villains. He works for the Gods and is there to test Link. So having him appear on the enemies’ side like all the other bosses would not fit in with his character. In adventure mode it does not matter so much as they are all ‘What If?’ scenarios. Also, there is the problem with his stage. He is meant to be the Wind Waker representative boss so he would appear on the Wind Waker map. However, neither of the stages I have chosen makes sense for Gohdan to appear on. Much like the imprisoned he has a specific home turf and while the imprisoned’s appeared in the previous game so it made sense why he was there it does not work for Gohdan. I know they could just make it up but I think the stage choice and boss choices affected each other in some way for the first game. If he was to appear in the story he would most likely appear on the enemies’ side on the Forsaken Fortress level although having the bosses fight on your side could be a neat mechanic for Hyrule Warriors 2.


             The other possible boss for me is Jalhalla, the boss of the earth temple. Jalhalla may fit for a few reasons: he is actually on the villain’s side and makes more sense appearing in maps like the Forsaken Fortress; he doesn’t have any extra appendages like Gohdan does meaning he would act like the rest of the bosses only having to be attacked when he is weak and then breaking down the weak point gauge; and although he usually floats he wouldn’t always need to unlike Gohdan’s default form. As for moves he would use, Jalhalla has his lantern for shooting fireballs and use his powerful breath to create winds. He could also roll into people and turn transparent to avoid damage (but he cannot attack either). I do not know what item would work against him. In the original game it was the mirror shield and power gauntlets but neither are used as items in this game. Perhaps the fire rod/arrows could work but otherwise I think that maybe you could reflect his fire attack back at him. Perhaps the mirror shield could be an item and it has the ability to reflect attacks or you just use a well-timed swing. The last thing Jalhalla could have is a unique way of defeating him. Rather than him disappearing, his mask falling down and a weak point gauge appearing on the mask, he splits into lots of little wind waker poes like in the actual game and you have to defeat them all to kill him. His material drops would be the lantern fragment for your silver and the Jalhalla Mask for your gold.

You may be wondering where the most recognizable boss is, the Helmaroc king, and why I did not include him as a possible boss. Well I have my reasons but you are going to have to wait until another post to find out. Until then I hope you enjoyed the ideas I presented here and in the next post I will be moving on from Wind Waker and onto a Link Between Worlds so look forward to it.

Hyrule Warriors 2 – Part 3: The Wind Waker part 2

So yesterday I went through all the Wind Waker characters that I could see being added into Hyrule Warriors 2 but there is more to the games representation than just the characters. As one of the big console games, Wind Waker will most definitely get its own range of stages. In yesterday’s article I talked about the aesthetics of the Wind Waker and how it might be adapted for Hyrule Warriors 2. The same thing applies here obviously. So, with that out of the way I am going to start.

In the first Hyrule Warriors game, each of the three main series represented got 2 stages taken from their games. For Ocarina it was that games version of Death Mountain and Lake Hylia; for Twilight Princess it was the Eldin Province and the Twilight realm and for Skyward Sword it was Skyloft and the sealed grounds. With that in mind I fully expect Wind Waker to also have two stages taken from it as well. As the Wind Waker is based in the ocean it is very unlikely that a great sea map is possible. Instead we have to look at that games islands and decide which ones would make the best levels. Every level in the original Hyrule warriors had 10 forts and so both of my choices have it as well. My two choices are: Dragon Roost Island and the Forsaken Fortress.

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Hyrule Warriors 2 – Part 2: The Wind Waker part 1

Welcome to Part 2 of my Hyrule Warriors 2 predictions. In today’s entry I am going to be talking about the characters of the Wind Waker and costumes that we may see added in the next Hyrule Warriors game. Tomorrow I will focus on the other aspects of wind waker: the stage, bosses, and enemy types.

The biggest question concerning the Wind Waker is the art style. In my opinion, this is the main reason that the Wind Waker was left out of the original Hyrule Warriors. Out of all of the 3D console Zelda games, Wind Waker was the only one to have a remarkably different art style. For Hyrule Warriors 2 I believe that Wind Waker will see a style overhaul so that it can match with the other games. I cannot imagine a very cartoonish warrior fighting alongside someone from Twilight princess. It works fine in Smash because that game combines various styles from realistic to cartoony. But Hyrule Warrior does not do that and so Wind Waker elements would stand out like a sore thumb. So I see a redesign for these characters. It won’t be like Zelda and Impa’s redesign where everything is different. They will still look like the characters but more realistically proportioned.

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Hyrule Warriors 2: Thoughts, Ideas and Predictions – Part 1

Hyrule Warriors for Wii U launched in 2014 and was a new concept for Nintendo. The Warriors series certainly is not anything new but for the first time a Nintendo IP, and Zelda at that, was being given the Warriors treatment. Prior to this game I had very little experience with the Warriors franchise, only playing the first Pirate Warriors game, and so I was not burnt out by the franchise. I really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors and it was certainly a success for Tecmo Koei seeing as it became their best-selling overseas Warriors game, selling over 1 million units worldwide of which most of those sales are from the western markets. Thanks to this, a sequel to Hyrule Warriors is almost guaranteed. The Warrior games often get sequels, expanding the roster and occasionally adding in new mechanics to keep things somewhat fresh. This post is meant to describe my thoughts, my ideas and my predictions for what a second Hyrule Warriors game may entail. It will likely be very long so I have decided to split it into different parts. This first part will be an overview of the general changes and new features I imagine for this game, before going more into detail in later parts.

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Ninten – Ups His Game!

One of my favorite Nintendo series is the Mother/Earthbound series. We never received Earthbound in Europe until it was released for the Wii U virtual console in 2013. Despite this I have always been a fan of both Ness and Lucas, who both convinced me to buy Earthbound when it was released as well as get myself a copy of the Japan-only Mother 3. Having played through both of these games I only had one game left, the original Mother 1 a.k.a. Earthbound Zero. Before I played this game, I only saw Ninten as an identical precursor to Ness seeing them as identical in appearance and personality. Well they are very similar, however, i think it is easily possible to make Ninten his own unique character in the Super Smash Brothers thanks to these two facts: Ness in Super Smash Brothers mostly use attacks that actually belong to Paula and not himself and Ninten has zero offensive PSI. He has no equivalent to PSI Rockin and is mostly made up of buffs and debuffs. I though that this was the ideal gimmick that will make Ninten stand out.

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